Dark West – Prelude to the Shadows

This is the Prelude to Dark West and is based off the FATE game play by a group of 3-5 players.

Below is a summarised history…

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When the settlers of 1620 left for New England, they never expected the birth of a nation, nor did the previous empires that did so… however there were those that didn’t want to stay on the edges of the New Land and they pushed into the centre.

Very early they found that the natives were not the biggest threat; stories of unknown creatures spread… those that vanished into the ground around strange buildings beyond anything known to settlers and even the natives did not know where they came from.

Some of these buildings appeared to have supernatural abilities; some dangerous, others beneficial and others… both.

45 years later, the first article was discovered, a small native pendant with unusual properties; the Hunters formed to find more of these articles.  Even with these scientists hunting them, very few were found; the mortality rate for Hunters was over three quarters, with less than a twentieth of those surviving actually finding the articles.

The American Revolution was won in a month instead of a year as the British Government had failed to get onside the native Americans.  When the Revolution began, the natives were accidently the first victims… this would be the last mistake the British soldiers would make as the inert articles within the native blood soaked into the ground… the results were tragic for the soldiers.

The American Civil War never happened in its current form; the risk shown by the British slaughter was too great.  The slave trade expanded into the North as the South took advantage of the chaos created by the source of power which, due to the Chinese opinion on what the abilities were, was now known as Chi.

This didn’t stop the American government from trying to dominate the American West in 1850 removing; anyone who resisted the federal government’s attempt to bring law to the untamed lands were executed… this created the Great Slaughter which was followed by the purge of the traitor government where federal forces were pushed out of the country.

The West was never won, it is a no-man’s land where people live out their lives; the Federal Government’s failed attempt left the people divided between the hero government and the villainous invaders who travelled through the land in the Steam Fortresses; fortified rail-road beasts equipped with heavy armour and even heavier weaponry.

No-one knows why it failed; some argued it was Chi, others argued heavy handedness of the government and others argued it was just not possible due to the lands themselves.  In any case the lands belong to the wilds.

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