Doctor Dekker – Feelings and Reflection

OK there seems to be a pattern forming on how I do things.

This week something came up when I completed this video… how something you play can be affected by how you feel about the content.

The Marianna storyline is the storyline I am talking about…

By the third chapter, there were off-screen actions that occurred that was suggesting I was looking to help one patient out but at her home.

By the end of the fourth chapter it was clear that there was a relationship between you and Marianna

By the final Chapter you learn what Dekker, and now you, had become.

And when I watched all the endings, my first reaction was unsettling… the story made me into a monster and I was really uncomfortable.

At first I was angry; why did you make me that character.

But then I remembered the duality of Cthulhu and actually looking at what she believes and… well actually I found another story option.

And it was more tolerable, I was either a victim, a perpetrator or dealing with a delusional badly damaged woman.

I’ve had a thought about all the other characters and they can either be delusional, manipulative or a victim of Dekker.

However until I really thought about it I had my own feelings towards the actions of the characters… I had a firm feeling on all the characters and my belief on who was a victim and who was a monster… which maybe explains why I maybe pushed Claire down that route.

But maybe I’m looking too much into this… wait… may character sheet says 15 Sanity out of 99… I need to stop looking into this game as trying to pick it apart could drive you mad.

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