Bendy and the Ink Machine – Opinion and Audio

It hard to be critical on something that you enjoy…

… below are my original thoughts video.

… however when you go above like and to love it becomes easier, think the Uncanny Valley but for the ability to criticise…


… but the key thing is that they are opinions…

I know that this may be obvious but we each have different opinions.

I would have preferred to play with the hide and seek mechanics more often, as I mentioned, I only faced the enemies I needed to hide from only… four times during the entire of chapter three.  Yet in one of the trailers it was brought front and centre.

I would have preferred to see less of the smaller blobby creatures and, actually the Butcher Gang eventually outstayed their welcome, they appeared too much in my eyes; I would have wanted them to be more like the Ink Demon and be unbeatable (possible to be KO’ed but not defeated) until the final charge on Alice’s location.

However, if I asked someone else if they believe the smaller enemies outstayed their welcome, they would say no, actually they were just right.

And this is a problem in design; everyone has an opinion and my opinion could be right or wrong in someone else’s eyes.  I do not know what they were planning or whether they just used the demon pursuit in the trailer as a hook or whether the plan was to make it more cat and mouse but they had to add more enemies at the end.

It’s difficult to please everyone… ask my mother.

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