Doctor Dekker – The Duality of Chthulu

So on Wednesday I tried to be clever… if you spotted the hidden message well done.

And yes it was corny I know but it hints to the cleverness of the Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker and I loved it.

And it is the perfect example of something I was looking at previously, the duality of Chthulu.

And you will be driven insane by the spoilers and I’m not expecting you to have had the same storyline.

First the character.

You are kept blank, you are not given any personal history and all that matters are your actions.

… OK I’ve driven myself insane in a few seconds… the mechanics of the game could fill a whole blog post.

The key thing I should mention is the two possibilities of what mindset you could have when going in:

  • A strong belief in the world being logical
  • The world has the ability to be impossible

I played the middle ground… accepting what they believe but help them using logic.

Now the characters.

They are seriously unhinged… they each believe that something supernatural is happening to them; ¬†Marianna claims to be a Siren drowning people for a God, Bryce claimed to have a 25th hour in the world where the rest of the world stands still and Elin who claims to be able to mimic other people visually and sound.

  • They are delusional and they have reasons for this.
  • They genuinely can do this.

And they don’t fall in either direction; they walk the line so in the end you can make up your own mind.

Now you can include Dekker in this case even though he’s dead as his actions are very immoral.


Now the Dreams.

There were three dreams where the characters end up in them… for me it was Nathan, Jaya and Marianna.

This was given two explanations…

  • the first was hard work getting too much and his work infecting the dreams
  • people being able to infiltrate dreams to get messages to them

Now the “supernatural elements”

There are several times when something doesn’t belong such as a ghostly girl or flames from nowhere.

So the final two options:

  • You’re working way too hard
  • You’re genuinely seeing the world as it is.

Chthulu is a lonely game world; you don’t know whether you are going mad or the world’s going mad, whether you are fighting a conspiracy or fighting those trying to stop your madness, whether the world is under threat or you are a threat to the world.

And the Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker walks this tightrope effectively and the duality pulls the rug from under you as you don’t know which option to take, so you don’t entirely know what the game is asking of you.

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