Cthulhu – You will join the pack.

The only thing I would say is… “holy ****, what did I just play?”

Image result for doctor dekker

You may be surprised I played the Infectious Madness of Dr Dekker… and she freaked me out… well she’s Marianna in the game not doctor Dekker.  This is an Full Motion Video game with the only scene being in a single room with a couch.

On the same lines of event 0 and Her Story where you constantly hear… “I don’t understand you” OR “you have two questions there” WAY too often.

Understand this; there was something captivating… and not just the good looking woman onscreen.

Jokes aside, I’m going to try my best to avoid spoilers here but it may happen.

OK, firstly there are 6 characters you see daily along with a supporting cast… and they each have their own issues, problems and… supernatural abilities… it’s Cthulhu, what do you expect.

In the first two hours, I have only seen three examples of this… one clever section between days, a noise in a piece of found footage and a small amount of CG; but this is Cthulhu and by not seeing the full extent of the abilities there is you have doubt they actually can do these things.

Not saying that I hate CG and visual effects but for Cthulhu, they need to be subtle and this is subtle with a little s.

The game’s theme suggests the impossible but not over the top; grounding you in the idea that things like this could happen.

How many lines? 1600 but I think that’s enough to tell a story as each word feels like it is chosen for effect.  Marianna feels sultry and sexy while Bryce feels unhinged just to give a minor example.

Endings are driven by the game, 6 suspects and one chosen at random at the start of the game so you will never play the same story twice especially if you decide to start talking deeper… just don’t mad.

Player experience for a game like this is unusual; you are the protagonist making choices on what you are willing to do to save these people and solve the mystery.

Add the sparse and limited to the setting that provides and interesting web of truth, lies and darkness for a detective game.

Combine that with a risk of going mad and doing something unethical, horrific or illegal and this game shows the one following fact.

Kites can only truly fly if you let go of it’s string.

Follow the Instructions




PS: on Sunday I will spoil everything.

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