Fury of Dracula – A tale of Two Teams

Well I’ve played my second game of Fury of Dracula as Dracula…

… and it was tougher.  I was playing a different game; the Hunters were ripping apart my lairs, setting up ambush points and creating a dragnet strong enough to make my life difficult.

It was a major jump from playing with a group you could run rings around, failed to stop Hideouts from activating and making them go where you want them to.

The two groups had one similarity, they had one player who could see through my tricks and could take full advantage of all the rules in order to make sure that I didn’t have many options.

And this is where the differences occurred, for this exercise I will only aim at the positives, not talking about the negatives.

Firstly, the person who made my game a challenge has a history of “accidentally” finding the right strategy (and he’d played second edition) and then executing it, when he sets his mind to it… big trouble for anyone playing against him.

Secondly, he has strong leadership skills; he can both make decisive decisions while at the same time listen to other people who can give better ideas.

Thirdly he was aware of the map and how everyone could use it; he, like me, had enough awareness of the map and how he and I could travel.  At the same time, he was aware of the cards and abilities of all four players so he could make sure that people could do what they wanted to do.

So did I win the battle of attrition?  Technically yes as the shop we were playing in was about to close after playing 18 days of the game.

But if we had time to play on… it could have gone either way.  We both had cards we could have used, my health would allow me to survive a few more hits and we were 4 days away from the rule where every night phase I gained +3 Victory Points.

It was close, but isn’t that more fun?

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