Cthulhu – You will join the pack.

The only thing I would say is… “holy ****, what did I just play?”

Image result for doctor dekker

You may be surprised I played the Infectious Madness of Dr Dekker… and she freaked me out… well she’s Marianna in the game not doctor Dekker.  This is an Full Motion Video game with the only scene being in a single room with a couch.

On the same lines of event 0 and Her Story where you constantly hear… “I don’t understand you” OR “you have two questions there” WAY too often.

Understand this; there was something captivating… and not just the good looking woman onscreen.

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Tooth and Tail – A Study in Micro/Macro

OK so I haven’t been able to complete the original plan…

However I am impressed at Tooth and Tail and I do want to get this down on screen.

The key thing that I like about this game is it brings the most complicated part of an RTS and simplifies it while giving a decent strategy level.

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Tooth and Tail – Fun and Frenzy

Well it’s Wednesday and I’m actually struggling for ideas

This is unusual for me but I’m happy to relax for a day or two… except well look at the game above.

Image result for tooth and tail


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Fury of Dracula – A tale of Two Teams

Well I’ve played my second game of Fury of Dracula as Dracula…

… and it was tougher.  I was playing a different game; the Hunters were ripping apart my lairs, setting up ambush points and creating a dragnet strong enough to make my life difficult.

It was a major jump from playing with a group you could run rings around, failed to stop Hideouts from activating and making them go where you want them to.

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Cry Havoc – The YouTube Choice

It’s taking a while to figure out how to handle the Sunday Scenario in relation to the Cry Havoc game. 

However while I’m thinking about the Sunday Scenario, another back burner project came to mind.

Board game playing for twitch and youtube; one game I wanted to play was Cry Havoc.

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Megagame Madness – The dice are rolled

OK so the plan to extend from Cry Havoc but I need some time to think… so I think

When you think of 2d6, you would normally think of a 2 dice each with 1 to 6.

However there are two other interesting dice type I have seen used or just generally can be bought.

I’ve had a look at these sets as I’m looking for a solution to handle an awkward situation with an idea.

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Cry Havoc – Soldier Placement

This will not be a Sunday Set Up as when you get a game with a mechanic as elegant as this… I am talking about, as mentioned, Cry Havoc.

Cry Havoc is a 2 to 4 player (BUT 4 is best) game about three factions invading a planet or the indigenous race trying to kick them off.  I’m focusing on one concept and it’s combat and it’s closeness to another classic concept.

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