Zombicide and Dead Winter – Action vs. Thriller

I have Zombicide: Black Plague, a game about fighting zombies… enough said.

However, I also have a game known as Dead Winter which is also about zombies but is nearer the Walking Dead; making a combination of systematic and random tough decisions that could result in the death of characters.

So which is better?  Well both… both scratch different itches.

Zombicide is all about charging in and attacking; you have powerful weapons that can perform multiple hits along with a large number of enemies to aim at as well as the ability for all people to attack and wipe out a large zombie force.

When you level up, the zombies level up; more zombies appear and more of the more powerful and varied zombies meaning the excitement and challenge increases with the options you have when fighting.  You can die but it is more likely down to a bad choice than luck.

Dead of Winter is the opposite, you start with a decent hand to use on various tasks throughout the game however you are left with a very stark choice.

Do you take greater risks to get more resources making the game easier in the long run or do you take lower risks and manage your resources and make tough choices; neither of them are easy choices and have very different challenges.

To make matters worse this is a hidden goal game; the only way a player can win is if the team wins and they complete their own personal goal which normally conflicts the team objective.  Add to the fact that one of the potential hidden wins if the team fails and they complete their own personal goals.

These two co-op games are very different providing different challenges and different moods; this is clearly decided by the mechanics.

The Sunday question is this… can we switch the moods over, can we make Zombicide feel like a thriller or Dead Winter like an action adventure with zombies?

I’m going to use Black Plague and Dead of Winter 1 only for this question.

Dead of Winter Rules

Zombicide Black Plague Rules


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One thought on “Zombicide and Dead Winter – Action vs. Thriller

  1. I can’t help but feel that making Dead of Winter an action would be a bit of a waste. I have Dead of Winter: The Long Night and it’s amazingly paced. You end up caring about the colony. You end up caring about your own characters and the collective whole. Would making it an action wreck this? Potentially.

    I’ve never played Zombicide, but know a few people who have. Since it is more RPG esque it may be possible to make it more of a thriller. There’s food for thought.


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