Delve – into Carcassonne

OK things have gotten a little too dark with Cthulhu so part 3 will be after a quick break.

As I was sat in my local board gaming shop, one of my friends was playing this game…

… and it reminded me of another game… as mentioned in the above title.

And I liked the look of it… firstly its a dungeon crawl so falls into RPG territory, which is is always good and having characters instead of the meeples (although they are generic thief, leader, brute and mage).

It defines itself through mechanics already known but differentiates itself from the original Carcassonne to make it interesting as well as removing some of the more ruthless elements (such as the all or nothing scoring rule if multiple meeples end up in the same city).

I want to discuss 1 single change and why they got away with it.

I’m going to leave links to the Carcassonne rule book and a decent youtube review of Delve.

And leave you with 1 question… how can Delve get away with fewer “meeples” than Carcassonne?


Carcassonne Rules direct from Rio Grande Games

Delve Videos

Video 1 – by Man Vs Meeple

Video 2 – by Rahdo

I’ll tell you on Sunday my opinion.

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