FATE – the Fire of Angels – Timed Exquisitely (Prelude part 2)

This is the second part of the prelude I’m creating using an RPG mechanic.  Feel free to send feedback.

The first part of the prelude is here

The Fire of Angels dropped below L1 and left Void Space.

“All clear!”  Michael lifted his goggles…

“Why do you wear those?”  Carriea tightened the last screw.

“What do you mean?”

“Those dumb things!”  Pointing to his head, “they provide no benefit during L plus!”

“You ask about the irrelevant too often…” He stood up and walked to the work desk.  “Especially considering you are repairing Jessica’s gun…”

“Was!”  She cocked the barrel twice, “smooth again.”

Michael took the second gun off the table and cocked it once; Shield was a non lethal but it looked the business. Carriea wouldn’t let him anywhere sword… its lethality came from constant tweaking and she was proud of it.

“You know you could do better with an updated workstation!”  Michael smiled, “all the parts you need and updated tools!”

The toolbox slammed shut “My tools!  Mine!”


Spike hung from the vent into the main mess hall, she was tempted to grab some food from the fridge but with Barratom in the same room, not a good idea.

The apple rolled under her; she looked left to see him looking back… “Thanks Chef!”

He went back to butchering the Vaerx Michael had picked up; looked like an earth deer but with sharper antlers… and teeth.

“Any chance of the teeth?”  Spike smiled… “look like they could be great jewellery for me to give to Alliara.”

He took one disapproving glance at Spike…

“Yeah, would require a conversation between me and Carriea getting them on a necklace.” she climbed into the vent.

Barratom took a sigh and went back preparing the meal… for a moment though, he wondered whether he’d cleaned his sword before cutting the food.

Obligatory Follow Me Section


Current FATE Aspects

The Fire of Angels

  • Overloaded hold
  • Improviser’s paradise
  • Packing heat (maybe too much)


  • Blades of both uses
  • The


  • Guns and Grafter
  • Personal Territory


  • Eye for the hunt

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