Delta Green – Playing the Black Sheep

Last week I gave an example of a character with good intentions and poor method with the example of John Kramer, the “antagonist” of the SAW series.

This time round I’m looking at the next phase… how to create and play Black Sheep characters.

Before we go any further, I’d like to make a point.  I have created two black sheep characters for my table top games, one didn’t go as planned and the other one did… and it boiled down to the group I played with… my current group have enough players who like to RP to make it work.

OK as I’m typing this, I’m finding it very difficult to create a check list of a Black Sheep character because of one factor… that something that could make someone a black sheep could actually make them normal in an RPG.

They can be the black sheep for a variety of methods; their methods being different, the Ethics of the Black Sheep or the willingness to confront people for their errors.

However there are two key points that seem to be correct for this scenario.

The first thing that you must is that your goals should match; you must have common interests otherwise there are is no reason for the character to be there, also it avoids the GM wanting to kill you… well that’s the easy part.

The key thing is they have a code they operate on and this code advances more than just themselves; if other characters can not bounce off them then they are not a black sheep, they just a jerk.

For example, the rule set I use for my character is that he doesn’t fear death and he isn’t afraid to go on the offensive for that reason but he’s smart and avoids combat where possible.  He doesn’t suffer fools nor does he tolerate those that fail to help themselves but he gives them a chance to do so.  He knows the value of power and how it can be used.

The Black Sheep is an interesting element to have in your RPG cast; it gives a large amount of chances for role play and provides an alternative approach.

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