FATE – the Fire of Angels – Tarriara’s Exodus (Prelude)

This is the first part of a story I’m creating using an RPG mechanic.  Feel free to send feedback.

The Fire of Angels dropped below L1 and left Void Space.

“What the…” the Captain looked down at the drive console “Great!  Spike!  You promised that the drive could handle the load!”

“I said!”  The radio crackled from the volume “That the engine could handle it!  The overheat… that was a different matter.”

“Why didn’t you tell me!”

“THINK ABOUT THAT STATEMENT JESSICA! DO YOU HAVE…!”  The radio audio nearly broke before the Captain rammed the radio off button under the console.

“Does that answer your question sister?”  A pair of smoky-green eyes looked over the navigation console.

“This thing is nothing but trouble!”

“You bought it!”  She stood up brushed off her overalls, “and it goes… what a rush!”

“Yeah, well a rush is one thing but when you need to change direction fast!”

“I know how to tweak the engine!”  She snapped, “enough to turn her on a pin.”

“That’s Spike’s job…” she stood up.  “Actually, if you’re doing that, why did I hire…”

“She’s got us out of more scrapes than I can count…”  She smiled  “She also found me that nice dress!”

“Shame there’s no-one to wear it for!”  The coolant returned to normal, “OK 15 minutes from the drop!”

“Spike will have that turret working again by the time we reach the point we’ll need them.”  She smiled… “I have her wrapped around…”

“STOP Alliara!”  Jessica slammed her hands down.  “Stop taking advantage of her.”

Alliara removed her red bow and let her long red hair drop, “She knows, I know!  Nothing wrong with having fun!”

The smoky green eyes looked over the console.  As she climbed up out of the crawl space the rest of the photo was now visible; a photo Spike had taken from one of the Crawl Spaces a few weeks back, not one of the most flattering but good enough.

She took a quick, longing glance before closing it, praying no-one else came down in the last five minutes.  “The guns are activated again Alliara!”


“I warned you about overloading the banks…” she slammed the hatch shut “what did I say… ‘they would eventually backfire and kill a gunner’ and what did you…”

“No one likes a smart ass!”  Don’t ask how Jessica repaired the button on the console.  “Fortunately it wasn’t anyone I was bothered with!”

“Is this how she speaks about me Alli?”

“On a good day!”  Alli paused for a breath, “now I need to be sure those guns are ready!”

“Give them a shot!”  She wiped some oil off her hands “I’ll be in the Pit!”

“Oh and Spike!”  Spike turned to face the speaker, “that photo is the closest you are ever going to get to getting your hands on me…”

Tarriara cowered behind two food crates, she was able to break one so she could eat and she was already wolfing down.

The clothing did nothing; too thin, not fitting her slender body and she was freezing.

The burn marks from running through hell were visible, her mind racing over the past 24 hours.

She’d picked the nearest ship and dived inside, one that was thirty seconds from launch, she never saw the name nor knows the destination.

A destination she never wanted to go, but in two minutes, well she would be there…

Obligatory Follow Me Section


Current FATE Aspects

The Fire of Angels

  • Overloaded hold
  • Packing heat (maybe too much)

Jessica Valentine

  • Uncompromising command
  • Making her mark

Alliara Valentine

  • Fatal Attraction
  • The direction we need to go (not want).


  • Pushing the Limits (technical)
  • Rat in the Maze
  • The Blade’s Shadow


  • On the Run
  • Damage: Battered and Bruised (2)

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