Needing a quick break

So this week I’ve nothing really to add to the conversation so I’m taking a break to give me a chance to recover after an interesting week.

I will be focusing on two parters though as I do enjoy writing them.

Zombicide – Tension in Mechanics

Well I’m having fun… and re-rolling Zombicide and Dead of Winter.

And I’m actually agreeing with one of the writers on the comments, Dead of Winter would not work easily mainly because of the way narrative mechanics are intertwined… maybe if you remove the crossroads cards and the hidden objectives, maybe… but in this case I’m siding with trying to answer Wednesday’s Question using Zombicide Black Plague.

Note this is my opinion and I’ll openly admit that… I’d love people’s opinions on this.

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Zombicide and Dead Winter – Action vs. Thriller

I have Zombicide: Black Plague, a game about fighting zombies… enough said.

However, I also have a game known as Dead Winter which is also about zombies but is nearer the Walking Dead; making a combination of systematic and random tough decisions that could result in the death of characters.

So which is better?  Well both… both scratch different itches.

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Delve – a forgiving game with a ruthless theme

Earlier in the week I mentioned the 2 games Carcassonne and Delve and their similarities…

I also mentioned that they changed a mechanic that in theory would result, in theory, in a harder game.

If you need to

In Carcassonne you get 8 meeples that once you deploy you can only get back when you complete specific locations; in delve, you only have 5 pieces.  You’d think that actually making it harder.

Even so, the designers actually can get away with it… this is why I think they get away with it.

This is a long answer…

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Delve – into Carcassonne

OK things have gotten a little too dark with Cthulhu so part 3 will be after a quick break.

As I was sat in my local board gaming shop, one of my friends was playing this game…

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FATE – the Fire of Angels – Timed Exquisitely (Prelude part 2)

This is the second part of the prelude I’m creating using an RPG mechanic.  Feel free to send feedback.

The first part of the prelude is here

The Fire of Angels dropped below L1 and left Void Space.

“All clear!”  Michael lifted his goggles…

“Why do you wear those?”  Carriea tightened the last screw.

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Delta Green – Playing the Black Sheep

Last week I gave an example of a character with good intentions and poor method with the example of John Kramer, the “antagonist” of the SAW series.

This time round I’m looking at the next phase… how to create and play Black Sheep characters.

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FATE – the Fire of Angels – Tarriara’s Exodus (Prelude)

This is the first part of a story I’m creating using an RPG mechanic.  Feel free to send feedback.

The Fire of Angels dropped below L1 and left Void Space.

“What the…” the Captain looked down at the drive console “Great!  Spike!  You promised that the drive could handle the load!”

“I said!”  The radio crackled from the volume “That the engine could handle it!  The overheat… that was a different matter.”

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Delta Green – the Fine Line (18+ due to movie example)

OK so we’re getting dark here.

When you include Cthuhlu mythos in a game, you will always get dark.

Sometimes though it’s not the darkness that is scary, it’s the lengths people go to survive it.

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