Colt Express – Get off ya’ horse…

… and drink ya’ milk.

OK, can’t believe I started with that joke… actually I can.

Seriously, I’ve never had much fun with a game outside an RPG… mainly because of one thing… we stepped out beyond the rules of the game and into what the game was meant to be…

FUN… yes FUN… we forget it sometimes, we are sometimes so desperate to win that we forget what it is all about.

On the same day I played three games; Temp Worker Assassins,  Betrayal on the House of the Hill and Colt Express.

For Temp Worker Assassins (Ninjas), we were finding the most comical ways to Assassinate some of the weirdest targets including “Zombie Typing Pool”, “Human as Resource Harpy” and the “Internal Audit Ninja” with some of the weirdest Ninja weapons in the world.

On Betrayal, I played the evil professor with possessive dolls.  The fun was informing all of the players how the side effects of the dolls were slowly leading them towards their doom.  I even had the fun of simulating the vengeful house.

Finally in the Colt Express I played the hidden lookout informing the bandits of the threats, informing the players of the game process and making sure they were aware of their own abilities.

A good set of game mechanics can keep people interested in a game; but a good theme can pull you in and match this with a group who sink themselves deeper into the game, it can be entertaining and you forget who has won or loss… you just PLAY.

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