Paper and Pen – Away from the Rulebook

I’m currently in the middle of an interesting situation… one that I find unusual…

Recently, I have found myself stepping away from the computer and designing on pen and paper; taking me away from the rulebook I have created.

And it has given me a breath of fresh air…

OK, so a quick summary of what I’m doing… I’m working on an RPG system with a defined world to begin with… and I’m getting to that stage that I usually reach… a combination of writer’s block and fear that I’m not ready to finish.

And with one of my projects, I have reached that point and I found it harder to move forward.

But then I watched this:

Now before we trigger a male/female war… here’s the other side:

Now it was this that caused me to take a step back and highlighted the biggest mistake ANYONE makes when making characters that break the mould… they extend too far in the opposite direction without any reason… I will explain this at a later date.

But I digress, it was these two videos that caused me to take a step back away from the rulebook, I took a piece of paper and pencil and wrote down a variety of factors that would make each race different, how magic works and how the races interact each other beyond the classic “Dwarves hates Elves” and “Orcs fight everything and can’t be hurt by words”.

I feel more confident that I can answer more questions; now I can move forward with my writing.

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