Sands – Time turns to the “Perfect” character.

So you’ll notice that I’m not using a game, book or movie title for this blog…

…And this is because I’m writing up on a designing project; and how to place focus on the story and not the stats.

If you look at any… wait just a second… need to write a subtitle.

World of Warcraft – The Unwanted Puzzle

Well here we are… 

…So why this subtitle?  Well, its because there is an issue I’m trying to deal with that any World of Warcraft player deals with… Min/Maxing.

When a player decides that they want the best character at something specific, then they will run calculations in order to make the best of that archetype.

My personal opinion is that it removes any personality from the character, at the same time, there’s the risk in G’ming of preparing for the min/maxer and the other character.

The challenge I have is to design a system that doesn’t make min-maxing the end result… oh look that pig has wings.

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