Hundred Knight : Difficulty Spike

Hundred Knight is a 2013 RPG game on the PS3 which was created for the Revival Edition for the PS4.


And when I played the demo I enjoyed it enough to pick it up… however I’m only so far in and I’ve hit something more scarier than Resident Evil 7 and Silent Hill 2 wrapped into one…

… the difficulty spike!

I’ll bring you up to speed; I reached the second major zone in the game and was introduced to a series of scuttling creatures that are only vulnerable to magic; not necessarily a bad thing as some enemies up until that point do have a vulnerability…

…the problem is that the magic weapons that I had up until this point were single target and these scuttling creatures can be accidentally aggro multiple at the same time.  Not a good thing.

I love the world; it’s brilliant and I want to continue with it.  However, if you reach a point where it feels unfair… even if it isn’t… it can put you off the game.

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