The Swindle – Back to Twitch

Well I did it; I went back to twitch and sent an hour running the Swindle…

… and then hated how badly I played… when trying to speak at the same time… the problem is, because I don’t want my face to be on camera (I have a plan for that believe me).

And that was a problem, more than I actually knew at the time.

There were two occasions where the camera not being present caused problems… and had some benefits.

Problem 1 – The Long Silence

There were times when my own stupidity (and the issue with jumping being a little bouncy) resulted in very long silences.  What the audience didn’t see was my face just frozen in a comedic dumbfounded look… the problem is silence is great for some things, but it requires a reason for silence, a visible reaction to hint at the reason for the silence.

Problem 2 – The Fourth Wall

When playing without a camera, there is one element that is missed; eyes, you can’t see where the eyes are looking, are they looking at the camera, are they looking at the screen?  When you look at the camera you are aiming at the audience, when looking at the screen you are berating yourself for messing up big time.  Without the camera, there is nothing to hint at this… audio is not enough.

The lack of camera is detrimental; not just because of the fact people want to see a face BUT the fact that it adds to the show elements that audio can’t provide.

And what is the benefit… simple really, you can lie about going to the toilet.

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