The Sexy Brutale – The Question of Change

As I look at the past week of work I’ve done for my blog, I seem to have more to show for it.

Nearly 40 minutes of Audio work for a single target… the Sexy Brutale was a great game to try audio blogging on.

And I think a few months ago, I would never have done it…

… it sounds weird for me, when I was younger I was always energetic and loved acting.  However for the last 10 years I have felt like I was slowly decaying.

When I turned 30, my mood just dropped; I felt like I was just walking a treadmill up the side of a steep hill.

Fast forward to this week and I feel a lot better, I have five videos to my name in the space of a week (only 4 have been released), OK, they are just audio but they are a sign that I have improved.

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