Fury of Dracula – The Nightmare of Not Knowing

The Fury of Dracula is a game of Cat and Mouse along the line of Letters of Whitechapel and Nuns on the Run,…

… and one that freaked me out…

Worst still I played it against my mother (1 on 1)… bad move on part because she was an expert of hide and seek; however it was an experience of playing with a hidden element.

And feeling you are solving nothing…

… now my name is RPG Werewolf so why am I talking about a board game?  More importantly why am I talking about an older Games Workshop game which will eventually run out due to the split between Fantasy Flight and Games Workshop?

Because you really feel the tension a Hunter would feel when hunting Dracula… as well as all the frustration of not being able to find them.  The tension that comes from not knowing a large chunk of the situation that you are facing is completely hidden from you but also the threat that Dracula could appear out of nowhere and can catch you off guard.

Fury of Dracula is one of those games where mechanics and theme come together to form a powerful experience… at least from the side of the Hunters… I’ll tell you about Dracula’s side when I play it on Thursday.

However there was one terrible mistake I made when setting up…

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