Transition to Wix

I’m currently in the middle of creating a WIX website which I feel is exactly the website I want… it means at least two weeks of organising and chaos.

This means no posts for 2 weeks… great but gives me a chance to focus.


Fury of Dracula – The Nightmare of Not Knowing

The Fury of Dracula is a game of Cat and Mouse along the line of Letters of Whitechapel and Nuns on the Run,…

… and one that freaked me out…

Worst still I played it against my mother (1 on 1)… bad move on part because she was an expert of hide and seek; however it was an experience of playing with a hidden element.

And feeling you are solving nothing…

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Tea Break

Well I’ve been having a long week and I personally don’t have anything I want to share this week…

I’ve had a long week and been busy with a series of tasks so I’ve been focused; clearing stuff out and making sure my life is going forward.

I’m hoping that next week that I will have a few things ready to talk about.

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Critical Role – a change in the way I see…

I’ve constantly enjoyed watching Critical Role, itmejp’s RPG sessions as well as other RPG youtube sites.

Yet I have found myself in a situation where I’m looking at this less and less, not because I am being put off by the shows but for a completely different reason…

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