The Pit People – Early Access Blues


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Yet I have become frustrated by 1 factor of Pit People and that it is in Early Access.

A game in early access state can be hit or miss… in this case it is a hit and I’m happy to play the game.


… do I want to play again?

This is the common issue between old fashioned demos and games in Early Access and I’ve felt the effects on another early access game I played, Darkest Dungeon.

I’m currently in the middle of resident evil, I can play it, complete it and then probably not play it again.  Not because I’ll hate the game but because I have completed by story and all the effects and surprises that came from playing the first time.

Early access and demos have the same problem, except it occurs before the game is even completed especially if the storyline cuts in a place that feel satisfying.

You also have to remember that with a large number of games that exist you are constantly flooded.  Total Biscuit the youTuber has regularly commented that he can’t necessarily play all the games he wants to play let alone go back to ones that have expanded beyond their last known position… actually he’s a bad example as he does go back to early access games when they are released.

The point is players move on constantly and if you do not constantly update the game, they will not stay on the game.  Early Access games needs to be refreshed constantly and be large enough to keep the game fresh.

This can also be double edged however… a game can change during the Early Access Phase, in some cases for good but in other cases a mistake can be made that actually destroys the player base required to keep the game going for the full release.

When I saw Pit People from TB’s PAX 2016 coverage, I was loving the look of this game and the concept… however by being in Early Access, it inherits a large number of risks that are inherited from it.

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