Assassin’s Creed – Mistakes for the Franchise

So here’s why this movie got it so wrong.


One line introductions… must be in a bad mood.

OK, a clever thing I find is that they place Callum Lynch and Sophia Rikkin on similar paths:

  • They both lost their mothers to assassination and they handled it in separate ways, Callum murder, Sophie Science.
  • Also they find a common idea to work on; “is there a cure for violence?”
  • They are also both betrayed by the same person, Alan Rikkin, abandoning Callum to the murder squads in the Abstergo Foundation Labs and Sophie when her father shows the only reason for working with her was to eliminate the assassins.

But clever only stays that way if they don’t mess it up in the end and they break this parallel by Callum killing Alan and Sophie swearing revenge… BANG!… HEAD!… AGAINST!… WALL!… HARD!…! (it needed another exclamation mark)

Anyone who has played the Assassin’s Creed series knows the true power of the Apple of Eden, not just as a tool to suppress but as a fountain of knowledge for the wise.

Sophie felt like that she WAS that wise person; she was the person that could pull the knowledge from the Apple and use it to better the world.

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted” is a line that is used in the Assassin’s Creed Universe regularly; no lie is worthless and no method is off the table… including putting it into the hands of someone who, although a Templar, will use it for genuine good.

But revenge is great for the sequel… if Sophie had been able to become the researcher of the Apple like Altair and Ezio (in part) then, with the resources of the Templars and Assassins, could have created a better world… and it would completely end Ubi-Soft’s franchise because this is canon and follows on from the games.

This was screaming “closure” for me throughout:

  • The last person who knows the location of the Apple
  • The Assassin who didn’t kill when he had the chance to… twice (Sophie and Joesph Lynch).
  • The Animus, a key symbol and vital plot point, being wrecked by a leap of faith and then being used to climb to the roof (using the past to build the future).
  • An Abstergo site being wrecked by an assassin force (the only time this has ever happened as far as I’m aware, I only played up to 3)

But then the cycle is started again and the war continues… great for the next sequel but not for this movie.

There is now a giant hole in my wall… the same shape as my head.


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