XCOM 2: Long War – Suppression and Second Opinions

Sometimes it takes some research in order to find out why you are struggling with a game; XCOM 2: Long War was a surprise.

WARNING, not streamed for over a year or three, so not up to scratch.

When I was playing XCOM2 : Long War, I was struggling with getting very far, I was getting wiped out very quickly.  However, as I streamed my research live, I was surprised how I was able to take advantage of one key factor, and a mistake I made.

I was getting swamped on mission during testing off-line, enemy forces were overpowering me constantly; by the time I’d performed my third mission I was left with no forces to complete other missions.  Basically my game was over before it even began.

However there was one element that I had not noticed when testing pre-stream… that taking my full group into the fight was actually making it harder to infiltrate, the fewer units the faster to infiltrate and the less forces that were amassed against me.

… Now I was glad to admit this was pre-stream… now I’ve admitted it, a bit embarrassing for me to fail on logic.  Although, my mum constantly says, intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean common sense.

OK self-degrading aside, there was something that I assumed; that I could use the same tactics that were used in XCOM and XCOM2 in the Long War Mod… naive really but when I played Long War 1 there was very little change in deployment tactics; build up as much power and throw it at the enemy.

This mod required a different set of strategies compared to the original game, this wasn’t about overpowering the forces; it is about fighting when overpowered, it is about picking your fights and leaving enemies alive to escape with your, it is preparing in advance and making sure you set the odds in your favour.

Pavonis Interactive has changed the way I played XCOM2 and has made a genuine resistance game; forcing the players to use genuine guerrilla tactics and take their time.

I’m expecting to die horribly and lose, and I’m going to play as much of this embarrassment live… and we’ll see if it changes.

… Clearly I need to check my sanity.

I don’t normally give advance warnings, but at the time of writing this piece, I have just watched Assassin’s Creed the Movie at the cinemas.  I will be doing a piece on Firday, Monday and Wednesday as Assassin’s Creed was annoyingly close, in my opinion, to being the first good crossover.

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