Condemned in the Sands – 10 minutes for a better day

When you look at the way that the world is at the moment, you need a laugh… however not to the level that I did for 10 minutes on Thursday.

Sometimes you need to laugh until it hurts because otherwise the world lets you down.

Last Thursday, I’ve had one of those days.

It was the back end of the session where we lost one character (that had intentionally set himself up for it) and another had nearly died (two saving throw later); one of the characters decided to get drunk.

And for those 10 minutes no-one could stop laughing; giving characters wrong directions, me as GM forgetting the directions and the drunk fumbling and falling asleep on the floor… I ended up bright red from laughter.

We all need happiness and we forget that sometimes, we need to let go and watch how the world reacts to a situation.

With the way the world is, this is important, now more than ever.

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