Super Dungeon Explore / Super Dungeon Tactics

Sometimes, you miss a game on Steam because the steam library is so dense… this is one of them.

In 2011, there was a board game called Super Dungeon Explore based on retro 8/16-bit Japanese RPGs; where one player plays the fantasy enemies and the others play the heroes trying to defeat the enemy.

Five years on, Soda Pop Miniatures worked with Underbite Games to creates Super Dungeon Tactics; a strategy game based on the original game… yet there is something different from the original game.

I’ve seen a large number of Board-game to Computer Game or App transition and, the majority of the time, they are a direct port rule for rule.

This one is different; while keeping a similar style between the miniatures (when painted and on the character sheets) and the characters in the games, there are clear differences between the mechanics.

And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing… look at the two formats; one is a 2-6 board game and the other is a single player game.

The board game is built for multiple players and it requires the rules to be simple enough for all players to understand; the computer game can be more complex as the computers can take on more of the processing power.

There’s also the practicality of the system, one of the mechanics for the computer game is a custom die system where items, armour and weapons add sides to the dice, but this would be impossible with a board game.  Actually there is a way around of it using simple d2, d4, d6 and d8, however creating tables making it more complicated.

What I believe is that, sometimes just a straight Board-game to computer game port isn’t enough and is actually a missed opportunity to make something new.

The modern technology bubble is also transferring in the other direction as well using tech to improve the board gaming experience… you can’t just use it to recreate something the board game can already do.

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