The Steam List – What did I enjoy this year?

Are there any games I enjoyed this year?

Here’s my final thoughts…

As a quick disclaimer, I will be discussing games that do things differently.

Lara Croft GO

This is one of the games I played recently but the GO concept has been used before but considering the original tomb raider had a variety of puzzles and traversal I feel that the turn based puzzles work stronger here.

Mad Bullets

OK so another touchscreen to PC port but I used to enjoy the shooters in all the arcades I used to play in so a chance at nostalgia is always good for me… also the fact it’s free means I’m not shoving coins in the slots for continues.

Hard West

I think the key thing I enjoy about this is that they take actually take Damage and the Die Roll seriously.

Hard West is a turn based strategy like the new XCOM series with RPG elements.  The key thing it that as well as health, you have luck which modifies the chance of the hit… HOWEVER if the Luck benefits you it drops increasing the chance of damage later.

The fact that the game allowed direct control of the luck modifier allows players to be in more control AND create a strong risk/reward mechanic with skills that spend that luck.

 Chronicle: Runescape Legends

The key thing is that there are five rounds and then a face off at the end if both players are still standing meaning the matches can be quick.  But you also have enough time to build up your defence and attack because even though there are PvP attacks the majority are PvE or items to buy and advance.

Dragon Quest Builders

Of course I mentioned this several times already and, apart from the bosses, this has been a great exploration of how Minecraft has changed the landscape of RPGs.

It has taken the best elements of Minecraft and added to it.



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