Dragon Quest Builder- Now he needs to pay

Part 1 stated why I liked the game

Part 2 broke down why the Skinner Box could have been an issue

Part 3 was a look at the boss battle in a building game.

So read more for Final Thoughts… WITH A SPOILER ALERT

I had a weird experience with Dragon Quest Builders; I was ready to rip apart a fictional enemy because a female nun had been poisoned by the very illnesses that she had been caring for.

I’m actually in shock that my reaction to a NPC going down like this was to kill the enemy in the most brutal way possible… I have never felt that before… what was the difference?

Normally you have an NPC quest giver who just becomes a checklist and… wait she also gives quests and becomes a checklist… wait NO, she can go to any location which produces items and make them, not to your level but she can do it so she is actually useful.

Also she is part of a community, one made by you not just by building the blocks but by healing others (with her assistance) you increase the size of your village and make it work better for you.

In the majority of RPGs, you enter a town and its set up for you; everyone has their place.  It is the building of the town and the roles they represent gives you a sense of satisfaction that you made this and left it in a better place…

… when it’s threatened then you want to take the person responsible… pull them down to the ground and RIP THEM LIMB FROM LIMB AND USE THEIR…

… maybe I need to calm down.

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