Assassin’s Creed – The Mark of the Assassin

It’s coming… Assassin’s Creed the Movie

Another failed attempt at movie cash in of a game… well that’s the second part.

However I think that the first part is look at the themes of Assassin’s Creed.

Note this only covers the first ‘Three’ AC’s and all the games it covers up until the end of the Desmond Timeline.


Lineage is a common element in Assassin’s Creed, at least in the Desmond story-line.  Everything focuses on the idea that this person’s ancestor was in the perfect place at the perfect time so that the person in the present has the ability to find knowledge he needs from his ancestors.

Lessons from the Past

This is actually a follow on from Lineage due to the nature of the Animus; relive the memories of the ancestors.  Both the Assassins and Templar do this; Desmond learns to make moves that would take years to learn and the Templar are looking for the keys to the future in the form of the Eden Pieces.


The concept of Eden is constant… Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge and revealed the truth.  What are the pieces?  According to the Assassin’s Creed Wiki they are tools that can be used to manipulate and even subjugate.

There are parallels between Genesis and the story of creation by the Isu.

In Genesis, God created humans and gave Adam and Eve the garden under the condition they didn’t eat from the tree of knowledge.  In AC the Isu create humans as a slave race until Adam and Eve, two hybrids stole a Piece of Eden.

In Genesis, Adam and Eve felt the wrath of God when they ate from the tree.  In AC, the theft of the Piece of Eden created a war between Humans and the Isu.

The Templar’s want to create “Eden” again however the price is everyone else having frame of mind that allows them to dominate the people of the world as the Isu did.

 Politics is always Front and Centre

This is something that can’t be escaped from; no matter which side (Templar or Assassin), they are both playing politics with the people caught up in the war between these two factions and this moves onto…

The war is not a public war, neither side really wants to show the presence of the Templar or the Assassins (in the Modern Age at least) as it would also indirectly reveal their presence in a larger way.  I think this is because Anarchy and Chaos would actually benefit either side.

So what do I think could happen?  Well I believe that this movie could actually be GOOD… OK, so after choking you from the shock the next question should be why?

Well that’s for Monday.

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