TWIS – Copyright evolves into Co-opyright

I received a message on Twitter that the EU are trying to force pre-screening of all content for copyright (bangs head on the table).

Now as someone who enjoys the internet I had something to say about this… yet instead of writing “Are you out of your F****** Mind” I started writing something different…

… I made a point that trying to enforce copyright in this way was actually a waste of time.

OK I started with the common reason why the enforcement in this way was wrong but I think the text below counted for nearly 3/4 of the text.

NOTE: Although I’m talking about the positive things that have occurred this doesn’t mean that I believe copyright is entirely wrong if you steal an idea from someone and benefit from it without acknowledging them, that’s plagiarism outright and I can’t tolerate it.

YouTube reviewers are getting copies of games to play and they (companies) don’t care if they hate the game because they get footage of the game to use to improve the game.

Companies are inviting them to experiences that promote the company as well as the YouTuber; one company invited YouTubers to drive a TANK!

It also creates buzz, that fan art of an anime character, especially a good one, makes the viewer seek out the anime and watch it, increasing the interest in the company.

Star Wars was successful and it created a large amount of fan fiction that kept people interested in the Universe, in the modern era theories about Star Wars characters that come from it.

All these exist because there is a unwritten code of trust, loyalty and honesty between those that make varying types of content.

And I completely forgot AMV videos… how did I forget AMV videos.

And there were other examples I missed, MINECRAFT… the perfect storm of a viral game and viral promotion that combined together to create the best example of the internet as a tool for changing the world.

If Valve had been restrictive, we would not have had Counter-strike.

If Blizzard had been restrictive, we would have not had Defence of the Ancients and if the creators have DotA had been restrictive, we would not have had League of Legends.

If Wizards of the Coast had been restrictive we would have a variety of user created worlds to play in.

Co-opyright has replaced Copyright for some of the companies around the world.

I do not do political on this blog but by looking into a highly political story, a truly great story of what the internet has become and how it has evolved.

It has become a melting pot for all those who wish a better place, and one that will continue to evolve.

OK there are those that want to protect their IPs in the most draconian way… all they will do is push people away from them.

What I will say is that with good there is always evil and we shape it in our combined image.  We will make great things but also great evil… we are responsible for making sure that the internet grows in a positive way.

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