Dragon Quest Builders (Part 1) – I need to stop watching Extra Credits

Well here’s another topic Extra Credits had already done.  I don’t know whether I should be happy that they were right OR trolled because I need to think of something extra to add beyond what they’ve already done.

Dragon Quest Builders is a recent release from the Dragon Quest series.

The biggest difference, you have to build your home town… yes build it, think Minecraft in an RPG world.

Now I’m not saying it’s perfect… you prepare your city for battle and the Location Boss will just teleport you to ANOTHER PLANE OF EXISTENCE AND OH MY DEFENCES ARE USELESS NOW.

For those that wish to see the original video (in case you haven’t)  the video is HERE.

Oh no!

This has way too much for me to do justice in one blog, this could take a few topics.

All images are labelled “for Reuse” according to GOOGLE.

So what attracted me to this game… well that’s a good start.

Well yes, I’m a crafter, that is one factor but I’m not a Dragon Quest player, in fact any Japanese style RPG normally results me stopping half way, believe me, YES I’m “RPG” Werewolf but there is a point the random battle grates on you.

Actually that might be the first thing…

Combat doesn’t feel like a Grind…

… when it in reality it should.  Think about it, kill an enemy, grab it’s resources, kill an enemy, grab it’s resources, repeat infinitely… actually NO, not always!

You don’t kill for XP, you kill for a resource which is converted into an item you will be able to use.  So kill enough Blue Slimes to make torches and as they are passive until attacked they then just sit in the world until you need more slime to make that cool armour you want.

The Reward is linked with the Mechanics

XP is used but it’s used on the town; you build rooms and accessories for them, your town levels up… but I actually ignore the Level and XP of the town unless there is an objective…  But I still level up regularly even having the objective revealed after reaching the level.

Why, well you build a room, you gain the benefits of the room for you and your villagers.  Kitchen, free food without having to find the resources, Workshops allow villagers to build stuff on your behalf.  There is a reward for every goal more than just completion and XP…

You discover the resources in your own time

Resources are deployed in the World and it’s your job to figure out how to harvest them (some only harvest with certain weapons) efficiently and effectively.

At the same time, when you discover a resource it tells you, with the current resource pool, what you can make; but it’s your job to make sure you have the tools to make them.

You could actually play the whole game without any objectives except maybe a few hints on the next course of action.

Emergent Gameplay

There are a series of locations that you find on your travels that are not involved in the main quest that allows you to explore and there’s no pressure to do so.

At the same time, you can make a mistake and create an interesting scenario for you to get out of; Chapter 2’s food resources are scarce near your base of operations and I neglected my food stockpile.  As such I was hungry and losing health for about 15 minutes meaning I had to use a combination of sleeping and healing cream to keep myself alive…

…Until I got the resources to make my crude kitchen and I now have limited resources to keep my food stockpile up… so I can be attacked by a bunch of f****** Artillery Snails!

This is an interesting next step away from Minecraft and actually is a good step away from the old fashioned Random Battles and grinding and proves that there is a will to create, explore and have fun doing it…

… actually can someone create DUNGEON KEEPER or OVERLORD with Minecraft mechanics please?

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