Sratchbrew (+7) – Daggers, Doom and Scissors

Well it happened; the RPG I had been working on for a while has now been placed into the hands of other players.

One of the players took a giant dagger… 

…and we ripped the character creations rules apart!

Yes we didn’t even get to playing… I said things would go wrong in the first 15 minutes and they did!  Not necessarily a bad thing… this was 1st contact and they never go smoothly.

Instead we spent 2 hours on breaking the character creation down and rebuilding it up again.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for me…

The Character Creation sheet is the key to any RPG that is used for long term play.  OK for certain one shots it’s not necessary, believe me I’ve played one that uses a single dice and a 2 minute countdown timer (I’m not kidding).

It needs to work from the word go otherwise they are useless.

The Character Creation can make or break a game.

And it was clear that it had not been in anyone else’s hands but mine; ‘Fail Faster’ is a term that is the designer’s creed but you can only fail a certain number of times without external assistance.

Now it’s in the hands of people who are not involved in the design, the flaws become apparent very quickly… and something interesting happened.

An idea that had been abandoned for different reasons returned… a simpler version of character creation I had abandoned for another.

The one comment that I am glad that was made was this…

…that “it takes a lot of guts to design a system from scratch!”  Combine that with a from scratch world, the amount of guts required goes through the roof.

Combine that with the fact that the players still wanted to continue after 2 hours of breaking the character creation system as the world they want to see and this means that this is something that I wish to continue.



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