Pandemic Reign Of Cthulhu – When a Spin-Off surpasses the original

There’s a joke in our group saying… “slap Cthulhu on something and it becomes 100 times better.”

Not always true believe me… maybe it’s the other way; a game is successful and works so they add Cthulhu.

However a game that I’ve always had an “It’s OK” for has had it’s Cthulhu Spin Off and they have taken advantage of the change in the location to IMPROVE the formula.

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Hand of Fate – A past method for a present game

When you look at an Indie game such as Hand of Fate. You look at some of the past techniques used by the first games and can see them in a modern game.

And which game style am I describing… the text adventure.  In fact, if you look very closely 90% of the game can be traced back to the text adventure concept.

Except the combat…

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Sratchbrew (+7) – Daggers, Doom and Scissors

Well it happened; the RPG I had been working on for a while has now been placed into the hands of other players.

One of the players took a giant dagger… 

…and we ripped the character creations rules apart!

Yes we didn’t even get to playing… I said things would go wrong in the first 15 minutes and they did!  Not necessarily a bad thing… this was 1st contact and they never go smoothly.

Instead we spent 2 hours on breaking the character creation down and rebuilding it up again.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for me…

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