@Twitch – Why I stopped dedicated streaming

I feel that this is the best time to say what I’m about to say.

So why did I quit dedicated streaming?

Firstly, it became a full-time job when I was doing two full time job:

  • First I did three Streams a week,
  • I needed to split them up into videos to remove breaks and divide them into usable videos.  They also needed tags to be placed on each video
  • I needed to upload to Youtube
  • I needed to place links on Twitter and Facebook.
  • I also needed to make screens for games on Photoshop.

This was too much for me while trying to hold down 2 jobs at the time.

Secondly, it was draining; I was not playing games for fun.  As a new Twitch Streamer I was being given a choice, play a game that was mainstream OR play what I wanted to play.

If I played the vogue games, I would be playing games I didn’t want to play and it would stop being fun.  If I played the games I would enjoy, then as a streamer I’d be able to make things better, however it limits my target audience.

Looking back at my videos I think it was showing…

Finally, Youtube is a minefield for content creators and this is where you get the most hits.  Look at the way things have gone; false DMCA claims, media scanning not working, the advertising rules being enforced, Trolls taking full advantage of the mess (I could go on forever here).

I can’t waste time dealing with the legal stuff when it should be all about fun.

As I’m looking back it was difficult for a single person doing all the work when you have a personal and professional life.

The question is… will I go back to Twitch?  The answer isn’t clear cut and will require explaining.

However, what I want to say to Twitch is WELL DONE as you have provided a channel for players to play and the fact that people are trying to replicate is a good sign.


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