Scratchbrew Challenge (-1) – Designer Work Around

By the time of release I will be 1 day away from what can only be the biggest gamble for a GM.  A total Scratchbrew; no published game base, no existing world, everything from the ground up.

Worlds can be complex, and the one for this group will be no exception.  However there are several ways I have set the scales in my favour.

This is the final part of four; part one is here and part 2 is here and the third here 

A World with Rules

Every fictional world has a series of rules that keep it consistent.

I have a series of rules I will be keeping on the GM screen.

World and Mechanics Align

It’s a classic story with bad games, where the mechanics and the world rules fly in the completely opposite directions and they just don’t gel.

I have tried to make sure that the mechanics and world have parallels so that damage scales simply, armour operates in a reasonable way and items behave the way they should in terms of the story.

A Different Focus


So why have I spent 4 posts on this?

I needed to vent about this; this has been scaring me for a while now and even though its for a small group, it’s been the biggest challenge to date for me and it has taken the longest time.

My biggest fear is it’s going to fail in the first 10 minutes but by explaining the good and bad… well I’m increasing the time to about 1 hour.



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