Scratchbrew Challenge (-5) – Designer Work Around

By the time of release I will be 5 days away from what can only be the biggest gamble for a GM.  A total Scratchbrew; no published game base, no existing world, everything from the ground up.

Although this can be a disaster, if you do prepare in advance you can set up situations where you can counter the issues that are created by design.

This is the second of four parts; the first is here

The Rolls

The key thing is that I’m using one type of dice and two test types that use the same terminology.

These two rolls  can be used to handle a variety of situations; the main roll operates in a specific way and doesn’t change and the process for the Side Roll doesn’t change, operating under the same rules.

I can say “Make a Main Roll” or “Make a Side Roll” and they know exactly is going on.

Character Sheet

I’ve changed the character sheet at least two to three times; the key reason was clarity.  With a variety of moving parts you need to be able to see everything clearly.  One case I replaced an O for letters based on the stat.

I now have a character sheet with a creation system that is simple enough to understand even though it has potentially infinite possibilities.


This is probably one of my most reworked designs… it had to be as there were a lot of working parts.

The key rework is based on a simple rule… does this rule need to exist?  If the rule didn’t need to exist then drop it and then use an existing rule.

The result is that there is one Character System, 2 Dice Tests, one combative system and 1 Health System at it’s core that allows a variety of other options.

This has been a challenge for me; even with the mathematics skills behind me it has been tough as it is easy to create a system; it’s hard to refine it to a point where it is clear and concise.


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