Scratchbrew Challenge (-7) – Setup for a Fall

By the time of release I will be 7 days away from what can only be the biggest gamble for a GM.  A total Scratchbrew; no published game base, no existing world, everything from the ground up.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t have an idea.

Objective vs. Subjective

Firstly the character creation; I’ve intentionally used a subjective system using words instead of stats.  Stat systems mean that a GM has a stat he can call upon to make it easier.

I have a subjective system that is asking for trouble as each word could make it work on multiple scenarios.  Use the right words and you can use it on ANY test or scenario making someone seem invincible.

The Dice Fall

Secondly the dice rolling, whenever you put any choice in to using the dice and testing it will make the test longer.

With a choice to make every die roll the system will slow down so I’m taking another risk of a slower system when it needs to be faster.


Thirdly I’m not using turns or rounds… to let it sink in, I am not using a turn based initiative, although some RPGs don’t have an initiative, they also don’t put as many ideas in the same system.

The fear in this case isn’t the mechanic itself but the fact it’s part of several mechanics that are different to the normal way they are run.

I’m taking a lot of risks here.

But as they say… Go hard or go home.


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