Homebrew – Munchkin Game to RPG

I wanted to share this as it was made up as I went along for a group of three players (+GM)…

…and I know there is an out of print Munchkin RPG as well before anyone says anything.

For this Homebrew you need:

  • Any Munchkin set (with as many Expansions as you can)
  • At least 1 deck of cards
  • d20 per player and GM
  • A variety of coloured tokens (at least 5 colours)
  • A GM Screen (obviously)

Setting up

Ask each player to choose one race and one class and are given a 3 from the decks of cards.


When you need to make a test roll you roll a d20 and add a modifier; the modifier consists of the player level and +1, 2 or 3 for every Race, Class or Inventory card that is relevant to the situation.


During an encounter if you take damage you take Active damage.

After an encounter roll a heal check; reduce the score by 10.  You may convert that many Active Damage to Passive damage at 1 to 1.

If you fail to convert half the current active damage in this way you character is incapacitated until the party does something to make sure half the damage is converted from passive to active.

Active damage can be used by the GM to cause more problems but it’s one use and any used instantly becomes passive.

The GM can give other damage as well such as poison effects to trigger now or later on as well as giving passive damage instead of active.

When you take 8 of any damage, your Level is reduced by 1 until it is healed.


Encounters are made from looking at munchkin Door and Treasure cards and making something fun… simple as.  The enemies do not have health either so a well aimed “BONK” to the head is enough for a KO or make some other fun solution up.

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