Writer’s Block – Escape the Night and other things

I’m having writer’s block.

Believe me it’s not because I can’t think of a topic… it’s because each one has a reason why I can’t. 

When you look at writing something, you can’t just write anything, you have to be choose carefully.  You don’t just need something to say, you need to be in the right position to say it.

I think it’s best to explain each reason why.

Call of Cthulhu

I think at the moment in time, there is nothing further I wish to say on it…  even though we are on the same path and I’m straying off it slightly, we’re all still on the same page, however something is happening that I believe may be interesting in the future.

Dungeons and Dragons

Again, nothing really new at the moment.


A lot new at the moment but I feel that, at the moment none of them really give me any other interesting opinions to reveal or any progress on anything special… except maybe more rewrites.


This has more interesting stuff about it… I’m on another one in August which should provide something interesting especially as I’m playing one of the more specialist characters and I plan to do it blind with only the rules given to me.

I’m also working on something of my own for mega-gaming however as this hasn’t been cleared by the group I would feel it wrong to mention it.

Studio Ghibli

Now this is something I want to do, however I don’t feel that, as it’s about movies and not games, it wouldn’t fit on the normal Thursday release.  However I feel I have enough to do a side Sunday in relation to it… and I’m taking it from the RPG approach.

We Happy Few

I’ve found this to actually be quite enjoyable even though it’s on early access; even so I haven’t played enough of it to really find something interesting.

Escape the Night

This is in the same light as Studio Ghibli… this youTube Red series has a series of interesting mechanics that could easily be broken down but I think at the moment I wish to hold back on this, I may find something else though instead.

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