Coffee Break – A Pause in the Play

What a difference an hour makes.

And another rip out of the hand blog post.

When you’re trying to play an RPG, you can sometimes lose touch with what you went in for… sometimes you need a break, other times you need to make sure things are as planned.

Something that sometimes require not playing.

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Call of Cthulhu (Part 2) – Point Blank

I’ve seen my first death in Call of Cthulhu… someone shot themselves.  However it wasn’t because they were going insane.

It was a situation where we went suddenly from an unknown situation to a threat that was very real.  Two chapters in of a six chapter story, the threat was real…

But this wasn’t what literally killed the game… it was a single roll.  One of the characters was able to get a point blank on an enemy… or at least he tried and failed on a 20% roll even allowing a re-roll for point blank.

I had a look at the odds and actually… well I was surprised.

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Checking Twitter

I only just discovered that Twitter wasn’t working on my blog.

This is technically a test of whether twitter will work but it makes another point…

…what did we do before Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, youTube, the Internet?

I can only just remember what it was like before.


Writer’s Block – Escape the Night and other things

I’m having writer’s block.

Believe me it’s not because I can’t think of a topic… it’s because each one has a reason why I can’t. 

When you look at writing something, you can’t just write anything, you have to be choose carefully.  You don’t just need something to say, you need to be in the right position to say it.

I think it’s best to explain each reason why.

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