Call of Cthulhu – Conflict and Cohesion

OK this piece I’m prying out of my own hands, I could probably do more but I’m out of time.  Be advised, I’m not happy about it.

Call of Cthulhu is a complete side step compared to Dungeons and Dragons, your health is permanently low to the point of pointless, your sanity and luck will drain fast and the world is out to get you.

However, I feel that I’m enjoying the story line more than other story lines I’ve played so far; it doesn’t feel as disjointed OR so focused on combat that I need to be combat ready all the time.

The low health makes you less combat hungry and so more story focused, your background is a stronger asset and liability than in more combat heavy RPGs and you feel that you can genuinely solve problems with more than just a sword and a gun.

Better still you don’t have to realign your character to other players in order to make it work; your character can still be themselves.

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Dungeons and Dragons – Missing

What happens when one of your players can’t get to a session?

I’ve seen a variety of options when dealing with players who can’t get to a session; each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

DISCLAIMER: The strengths and weaknesses are subjective, some people will not be convinced of the strengths and others will not believe that the weakness is relevant.  This entirely depends on the group, GM, RPG and World you are in.

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Homebrew (Part 1) – Write, Rewrite, Repeat

Fail faster can sometimes very difficult in RPGs, getting a group together is not easy if you are doing a home-brew, testing or even using a system that isn’t a major system.  However sometimes it can be beneficial having time to look at the rules of the world and even the mechanics.

OK first a disclaimer, I’ve not published yet and even if I do, it would be just for fun to see if I can, however I want to share my experience with writing a system.  As someone who is mathematically minded, I enjoy from-scratch homebrew allowing me to modify for both story, scenario and mood.

Some I have run for groups, others are just a challenge for me to keep my brain active.

I’ve taken some systems through multiple versions, one has gone through at least 10 major modifications; sometimes it was just to make it easier to rewrite, other times it was a core mechanic change, others it was something not written right.

However I do find a series of reasons that I rewrite:

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Jena Campaign (side) – Not enough answers

I was thinking about taking on the players side and how they can affect how a game is run, however I don’t have enough experience to write part 3 fairly.  In this case I think that the best option is to get a few more opinions and live results before doing it.

Tomorrow at 7 however I will post something so that I fulfil my weekly opinion page.

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The Jena Campaign (Part 2) -Structures and Chaos

There is no I in team; however there are issues with teams without a leader.  The structure of the Prussian Team may have had a king but during the battle the king just let his captains do their job effectively missing a leader for the full team.

For those that haven’t read part 1, please read it here.

I played the Jena Campaign as the French which was the most structured of the two teams to prepare for battle… the question is; what it is like for the other side.

This is actually a great exercise as I didn’t play the opposite side.  However, I can look at the French structure and guess what occurs on the other side.

DISCLAIMER: this exercise could result in a wrong answer and I may be wrong… if someone does challenge it then I will inform you.  Also some of the statements may be coming from the DoBO (Department of the B******* Obvious).

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