The Jena Campaign (Part 1) – A Pivotal Point

Firstly two quick links to primers for megagames for non-megagamers as really they are better examples than anything I can explain:

Shut Up and Sit Down – Watch the Skies

Pennine Megagames

When writing something about mistakes, it is very difficult thing to avoid making someone feel bad.  Its also very difficult, at the same time, to avoid sounding like a big head when you or a member of your team does something that is a masterstroke (or even yourself).

I’m going to try to do this without doing either but advanced warning, this may not work.

Actually, I think that isn’t as difficult as you think… the pivotal moment I wish to talk about came about from three people talking together and the scenario had been set up so that it could happen.

First, the Jenna Campaign, I’m not going to explain the historical campaign as… well if you pardon this quote from the person running the megagame:

The Prussian Team did well compared to the real life Prussians… they actually had a plan.

And I’m not going to try to even confirm if this is true or not as just looking at the history my head bounced off both walls.  However the quick version is that the main Prussian force abandoned Jena leaving a small group behind.

Napoleon dealt with a smaller force in Jena and crushed them flanking them.

Meanwhile a single Corp defeated the larger army at the Battle of Auerstedt as the French forces were more drilled and organised.

The French and Prussians were as skilled however  a better command structure with a single Emperor and subordinates compared to the Team Based 3 Leader structure of the Prussians.

I wish to bring the 5th Corp (the one I played with)to; we were 1 day’s march from one of the two of the potential supply camps.  A small harassing force was sent to try and slow us down.

For a while it worked (only because they were going in the same direction as we wanted to go).  However, they were trying to keep a large force away with a smaller force, meaning that we could split a smaller force off to bypass them down another road and cut off one of their potential supply lines and with the other town being covered they were cut off.

There could have been other scenarios:

  • If we fell into the trap then it would have given the time for the Prussians to regroup with the supply lines still open instead they would have regrouped.
  • If we sent the whole group then the other group would have harassed us on route to the town.

If either of these had occurred, then this would have given time for other forces to regroup and attack even though they were having a hard time.

Unfortunately as a team, we didn’t have time to completely seal them off before the Game Over was called as it was late in the day.

However the point was there was a chance to make a mistake which would have been costly and there were three people that prevented it.

If a game can highlight that then it’s doing a great job.

So why did I say that there were reasons why there was no blame to apportion… well I think that’s for another time…

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