A Gamer’s Economy – Designing for something bigger, then smaller

I’ve sunk myself this time…

OK bringing you up to speed.  I play RPGs and board games and recently I have found an interesting concept known as the megagame… thanks to a group called SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN.

I’ll leave this link here for you to look at.


And now watch the Skies 2 has shown up.


Unfortunately for me… everyone I send to this link immediately says “WHAT A GOOD IDEA!” followed swiftly by “WHY DON’T WE DO IT!”

Unfortunately with Watch the Skies in London and everyone was gripped on PLAYING WITH ALIENS, this was going to mean either getting the guys running it down here OR designing one of our own…

… hint to those wanting an easy life, NEVER MAKE UP IDEAS IN FRONT OF A GROUP OF PEOPLE!