Psycho-Pass 2 – Hungry Chicken (Spoiler Central)


An interesting thing happened to me today when I wasn’t playing a game.

I was watching the new season of Psycho-Pass when the entire in show population played a game with a chicken on their tablets and PCs.

At the end of the episode it was revealed to all players that they had committed mass murder by removing a holographic overlay that had been placed on a military drone’s camera.

It was an actual shock to the players in the show and the mental health of the players suffered.

But how far off are we really from being those players in the show?

For this blog I’m going spoiler free and I will duplicate this with spoilers later on.

Far Cry 3 was actually the best example of the mind being messed with.   I’ll admit I was completely aware of the final choice at the end of the game and I knew it was coming.

Yet it really did mess with my head even knowing about it.  At the half way point I had an RPG epiphany… if I was in the protagonist’s situation would I want to go back to the life I lived?

The first thing I can clearly remember is when I was using a flame thrower in the destruction of the drug fields.  The power of the flame-thrower made me feel very powerful.

The next one that comes to mind was actually before this, in the escape from the burning building, it then became a car chase with a powerful grenade launcher, taking out car after car.

Finally the flashbacks to who the protagonist was.  He goes from being a jerk with a bunch of jerk friends to becoming a more decisive but dangerous individual.

In the end I found myself pressing both buttons at the same time (I got the “Good Ending” where you chose to leave the island but even that didn’t feel right as I have to ask is what the protagonist would do when back in civilised life after being forced to kill and then growing to like it.

Spec Ops: The Line also really messed with my head in a different way.  It was the final part of the episode that was encapsulated where consequences were revealed.

There were several occasions where I was forced to stop the game as I felt absolute hatred to myself and the protagonist.

The first that put the full breaks on it was the white-phosphorous mortar use.  The idea was to use the mortar to clear out enemy forces, however it was protecting a civilian population and they weren’t afraid to show the full picture and its gory nature.

There is also an element of being used in this game as well, on several occasions we were suggested one thing by the game only for it to be subverted by the characters.

I still need to complete this game but I know there will be more gut punches which I will have to take.

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