When things stop getting fun…

I’m beginning to regret starting a twitch channel.  Not because of negative publicity but because its no longer fun.

I started playing to have fun and show people a side of me that no-one did… a honorable notion but misplaced.

The truth is it went downhill recently.

There is a buzz about playing a solo game with spectators however if you constantly go to play on twitch and you are constantly the only person, its effectively a video recorder, twitch is meant to be community not solo play.

I guess the deciding factor was Roll-play charity event.  I went back to watching these people have fun and felt part of the community watching, a few days later I played by stream and… it didn’t feel right being the only person on stream.

I also like to play games for long periods but I have to cap myself to 2-3 hours as I split them into decent length highlights, transfer them to youtube and then edit the tags and descriptions.  Its actually stopping me from letting go after a long day.

At the same time, my life has been chewed up, I work 6 days a week sometimes and when I do I lose 3 evenings to streaming and 2-3 hours of editing and checking, when you put in the effort, it makes things less fun when you have nothing to show for it… and I’ve been told that the only way to make it successful is to play games I don’t necessarily like.  If jumping through hoops and playing games you don’t want to play is part of the twitch streaming lifestyle then I want no further part of it…

I’m giving myself a week to see how I feel over the matter and I’ll make a decision then… in the meantime, I’ll probably keep going, see how I feel afterwards.

I’ll probably get back to what I enjoy and that is watching what I love.

This is staying though… it doesn’t take up much of my time, I can write this whenever I want and I do like writing about experiences.

Second Night – My headphones fell off

I once thought I was immune to jump scares… then I took an arrow to the (Wait not that one).

In space no-one can hear you… (not that one either).

Jump scares are considered the lowest of the low… however they work and work well.

I decided to pick up “5 Nights at Freddy’s” for my Friday afternoon play with the attempt to find out if there were some other explanations for the game… I did a test run off camera…

… and died.  But the way I died I jumped and my headphones fell off my ears.

So why did it work so well on me…?

Give me some time to think about it

Rollplay – How do they do it?

I don’t know how he does it?

One of my heroes in Twitch land is a guy called JP, he runs a Twitch Channel called itmejp, recently I had the chance to watch him do his 9 hour run.

One of the flagship shows he has is called “Rollplay”.

Rollplay is a show where he uses an on-line tabletop called roll20 to play a variety of roleplay systems.  He does it using skype and several of his friends from the world of Twitch.

It brings a question how does he pull them together?  I only managed 3 weeks before I had to stop because people couldn’t make the timeslot we had allocated.

I then compared my life to theirs (enough to depress you but…) and it became very simple.

Firstly, these are pure players, developers and designers, they already have a very flexible work/life balance and so they can get away with it.  All three of my original crew have jobs and lives that are not as flexible and so they have to take life when we can.

Secondly, I think the fact that they have a solid twitch base helps, you can tell they are watching the chat (travelling at 300 mph but…) and knowing that they are doing the right thing.

Thirdly they do cameras.  I want my personal life so I don’t do webcam (although I could do webcam and wear a mask but… no I hate masks) but they do and the reaction is priceless making it more personal, also they can see each other so they can bounce off each other’s reactions.

It is this combination that I think that makes them come back to the game time and time again.



Below is my feeble attempt just to show a comparison:

Twitch – Critics Already

Why do I twitch? Simple, to have fun and be myself, if I’m not then what’s the point.

I could end this blog here after this sentence but just to put some perspective in.

Someone (I will call the Critic) suggested to me why don’t I play games that are more in fashion? Games that I haven’t even played yet because it will get me more followers?

OK, let’s reference a tip about getting more followers… give yourself a hook that gives you an edge.

OK so this critic was saying that the best way of getting an edge was to play a game that EVERYONE ELSE was playing?

Be yourself was another one of the tips given online.

So the critic wants me to play a game that is not my type of game?… actually its on the border of what I like so mute point.

Now another point made by twitch users, sometimes its not the game but the person playing.

So this critic is telling me that he won’t sign as a follower because no-one else has signed up, even though he admits that my only problem is the games I play but he likes me?

Now I know that technically what the critic said is a valid tip but what this tip is saying is that you too could be a twitch superstar by playing the game everyone else is playing… when you do that you create a single tone and you find yourself competing against a large group of people.

So in my case I will follow my own rules, I won’t necessarily have 100 followers in a month but every follower will be hard earned and worth it.

And I will not use this post as a plug for my channel.

Hand of Fate – Strange 4th Walls

Rarely have I ever been in a situation where the fourth wall wasn’t just shattered in one direction but two.

When I play Hand of Fate by Defiant Development I really have to ask who is the Magician?

Hand of Fate is a Dungeon Crawl in Steam’s Early Access Programme. It tells the tale of a Magician who created a mystical card game and then challenged people to beat it… he also must have been taking bets on it as after the third Early Access Expansion, he’d gone from a Hut on the edge of the world to a Castle with a Massive Hall (seriously where the magician was wasn’t broke so don’t fix it).

A maze of cards is created and you choose to move UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT. When you reveal a card an event can occur. It can be a decision, a mini game where you choose 1 of 4 cards after shuffling OR you take control of your pawn to navigate a maze or fight monsters.

Everything is shown by cards, rewards, penalties, equipment, enemies, blessings and curses which are “Drawn” when needed. I have placed my play-through playlist at the bottom of the Blog for those who wish to see me make a complete idiot of myself.

The fact that we are playing a computer game about playing against a guy who has designed a magical card game doesn’t just smash the fourth wall but also passes straight through the game back to the developers.

Let me explain the situation I’m playing the game when the Magician says “I made that card too powerful!”. I pause for a few seconds… what did he mean by that, did the character believe he made the card too powerful OR is that a warning from the Developers that this card could get nerfed in the future?

There have been several occasions where my motives have been challenged, messages that the Magician made comments that developers would make during play-testing to each other, in some cases a direct message to the players who have bought the game.

This is a gem of a game not for the polish (it needs a lot) but for the unique way it works. The way that it is just you across the table from the Magician and him pulling you in by just talking to you and as such provides a link between you and the developers.

Oh and here I am making an idiot of myself.

Hello World – Rambling about the concept (my opinions)

Well I thought the Hello World post was so cliché but it actually left me curious…

Why is the first thing that someone learns on programming is “Hello World”?

Now I’m no expert but I have my opinions.

It depends on what end of the input device.

“Hello World” in the internet age would make sense as you can access the world from the comfort of your own living room.

What did they use before the internet became a success though, or did they use the same terms assuming that by programming a machine they are creating an entity… as such the computer saying “Hello World” makes sense accepting they are part of a bidder thing…

…You know that’s just given me a great idea for an RPG.